Food'n'drink Retrospectives

Finest cuisine

I’ve mentioned this briefly before, but back in my uni days, my diet was pretty shocking. Often a bunch of us would go down to the corner shop (now razed and redeveloped as Yet More University Buildings). I’d chow down a $1.50 hotdog, and maybe some chips, perhaps a Big M or an OJ, and if there wasn’t another lecture imminent*, we’d retire to the back of the shop and play video games. I remember my friend Brian remarking that he played so much Tetris, he used to have dreams of falling blocks.

Those days are long since past me. I don’t know how many of those hot dogs I consumed, but it was probably more than was healthy.

Following some comments left, and as a result of the pizza place the kids and I sometimes go having an out-of-order phone on Wednesday, we decided to try Jasper’s Pizza in McKinnon. They made a good first impression, giving us bits of garlic bready pizza stuff to nibble on while we made up our minds what to order.

Then one of the guys behind the counter looked at me. I thought he was about to ask about TV (it happens; last night on the train I got buttonholed by a TravelSafe team), but instead he asked if I used to study at Monash Caulfield. “15, 20 years ago?”


“I thought I recognised your face. I used to run the corner shop!”

He said they sold up in 1994, and the Commonwealth bought the land, no doubt to commence the aforementioned razing and redeveloping.

So it seems I’m not the only one who remembers those $1.50 hot dogs.

I wonder what happened to the Tetris machine?

Oh, the pizza was delicious, by the way.

*Well, that we wanted to go to.