Pics in the city

I had a walk around Fed Square and Birrarung Marr on Friday. I was actually looking to get a pic of the Spamalot information booth, which had a big inflatable Monty Python foot on top of it. The kids could have had great fun animating it.

Alas my plan went askew when I couldn’t find the booth, and my “real” camera had flat batteries. But I took a few pics with my phone.

The giant Luxo Junior on Flinders Street reminded me that I really must take the kids along to the Pixar exhibit before it closes.

Giant Luxo Junior

If you had to ring Triple-0 in an emergency and they asked you what street corner you were near, and you were in the middle of a big park, what would you say?

It seems the people who set up Birrarung Marr thought of this already:

Melbourne emergency location

Now, my question of the day is… what is the purpose of that thing on top of the Mercer building? Anybody know?

Melbourne Mercer building