No more junk mail

No junk mailI’ve gone cold turkey on junk mail. The sticker went on last weekend, and there’s been nothing since.

Of all the junk mail I used to get (the record being a phenominal 28 pieces in a single day, but more typical being 100 per month), I would only read a fraction of it: usually I’d flick through the big department stores’ catalogues and anything geeky (ooh, Dick Smith Powerhouse…). If only you could nominate what you wanted.

Everything else would go straight into the recycling. It’s a waste. So in the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle, no more junk mail for me. As it happens, the department stores put their catalogues online anyway, so I can go looking if I still want to read them. But realistically, I’ll probably find better things to do with my time.

PS Monday. If anybody’s wondering, yes the local newspaper still gets delivered to me. Which suits me fine.