Clean swear words

Scott Adams has been making up his own cuss phrases. [Warning: coarse language] I've been pondering what is the most abusive but non-swearing language one can use. The kind of thing you can say if, say, a car driver cuts you off or almost mows you down in a spectacularly stupid way, but your kids are present and you don't want to be seen actually swearing. There's a number of Haddock-esque t


In and around the CBD

It's encouraging to hear community groups have been offered subsidised accomodation by Melbourne City Council. Not-for-profit organisations can gain a lot from having offices in the central business district, in much the same way that for-profit companies can gain. (PTUA makes use of a similar scheme via the Ross House Association.) Melbourne's CBD in gaining in popularity, with Southbank and D

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Prepare to howl at the moon

Last week a colleague who, shall we say, has form for forwarding dodgy emails, sent me one claiming Mars and the Moon would be aligned on Monday morning at 12:30am. Turns out to be a hoax. Happily I didn't stay/get up specially to watch. Neither did anybody else, apparently (or if they are, they're not admitting it). But tonight's full lunar eclipse isn't a hoax, and from Melbourne it's at a mu

Friends and loved ones


Today I turn 37. Which I figure means I'm leaving my mid-thirties. I have to work today, and my footy tips are descending into farce, but on the bright side, the weather has turned good (25 degrees forecast today!), and it was nice to have a few people over yesterday to celebrate (even if it means excessive tidying/cleaning beforehand, and then a little more afterwards, for instance to make sur

Food'n'drink, Retrospectives

Finest cuisine

I've mentioned this briefly before, but back in my uni days, my diet was pretty shocking. Often a bunch of us would go down to the corner shop (now razed and redeveloped as Yet More University Buildings). I'd chow down a $1.50 hotdog, and maybe some chips, perhaps a Big M or an OJ, and if there wasn't another lecture imminent*, we'd retire to the back of the shop and play video games. I remember m


Location, location, location

On Saturday I went past a little house which I bet is affordable. You could say the location was convenient for transport -- near Laverton station and the freeway. To be precise, it's wedged Castle-like in a spot between the Werribee/Geelong railway line and the M1 -- in fact the house is about as close as you can get to actually being on the freeway on-ramp. I can't imagine the amount of noise fr

Consumerism, PTUA, transport

Somewhere in the city

Some pics from the last few days... These people really really really really really like Sunkist. They bought probably about 50 x 1.25 litre bottles. (Why not buy bigger bottles?) They also bought over 100 Milo bars. Someone, somewhere is having a Sunkist and Milo Bar party. The checkout staff seemed quite bemused by it all. What's worse than a mobile billboard? A mobile billboard being

News and events

Sign of the times?

A few weeks ago I was walking along Hotham Street in Balaclava and noted security people on duty outside some of the Jewish buildings. Fairly low-key -- just a man and a woman in suits with radios. They said good morning, and I reciprocated. I grew up near there, and it didn't used to be that way. It's becoming clear that, unfortunately, it's a sign of the times. Over the weekend some morons at


Tramps like us

Tramps Like Us by Kristen Buckley -- Kristen emailed and asked if I'd like to read and review this book, as its Australian launch is coming soon. I'm glad I said yes, it's smegging hilarious. Kristen's better known for being a screenwriter for movies that... well, frankly, I wouldn't go out of my way to see. Thankfully the foreword makes it clear that this is no 102 Dalmations. The book is Kris