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This week’s Melbourne metrics

Promotions at Parliament Station: 3. Monday: Free fortune cookie advertising Mt Franklin water's "Well of Positivity"; Tuesday: free sample of Ocean Spray Cranberries; Wednesday: Amnesty International Beggars who have asked for money: 1 in Swanston Street who sounded very scripted "Excuse me sir, we are homeless for a few days", and as soon as being told "sorry", lost interest completely and we

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The trains have problems, but at least most people can figure out where they go. (Uhh, well, apart from the whole City Loop reversal thing.) But try the buses. I reckon the 627 bus has Melbourne's most confusing route. It goes from Elsternwick to East Brighton, but via Chadstone. (And if you don't know your Melbourne geography, it's a detour of about 10km.) On the way, it passes through C