Where are you from?

My sister looks a little more ethnic than me, and sometimes gets asked "Where are you from?" to which she replies "Melbourne". This often doesn't satisfy the interrogator, who will often be reluctant to say it, but really wants to know what the ethnic mix is. Maybe you blue-eyed blonds reading don't realise this, but it can lead to a very irritating conversation for the suspect subject. Thankfu


Vale, Bargearse

On Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago I was digging through the old video tapes and found the Bargearse compilation. (For non-gen-Xers and those outside Australia, Bargearse was a version of the 70s cop show "Bluey", starring Leo "Lucky" Grills, dubbed-over in the early 90s by the D-Generation Late Show). I thought I'd give the tape a spin. The kids got a laugh out of it -- the bodily-sound-effec

Melbourne, News and events

This week’s Melbourne metrics

Promotions at Parliament Station: 3. Monday: Free fortune cookie advertising Mt Franklin water's "Well of Positivity"; Tuesday: free sample of Ocean Spray Cranberries; Wednesday: Amnesty International Beggars who have asked for money: 1 in Swanston Street who sounded very scripted "Excuse me sir, we are homeless for a few days", and as soon as being told "sorry", lost interest completely and we

PTUA, transport


The trains have problems, but at least most people can figure out where they go. (Uhh, well, apart from the whole City Loop reversal thing.) But try the buses. I reckon the 627 bus has Melbourne's most confusing route. It goes from Elsternwick to East Brighton, but via Chadstone. (And if you don't know your Melbourne geography, it's a detour of about 10km.) On the way, it passes through C

Adelaide 2007

Adelaide in November

Trying to navigate school holidays and come up with affordable holidays in the wake of the monthly mortgage payments isn't particularly easy. Last year was Hobart (piggybacking on Marita being there for a conference) and Sydney over the Cup Day weekend with the kids. The latter worked really well, so I've decided to do it again at that time of year. So yesterday I snagged some flights to Adelai


If you like Pina Coladas

Getting a haircut in the middle of winter is never a good idea (especially just before a snow trip), but it had to be done. The cold weather leaves me tempted to stay in bed all day, to not get up at all. But it had to be done. Oh well, it may not be enjoyable, but the cold and rain at least wake you up in the morning once you're out in it. Living in the western world in the 21st century,


Bloody Blood Service

The Mobile Blood Bank is back in my neck of the woods this week, and because it's so inconvenient to get to their Southbank outlet (inlet?) I try to make a point of going as often as I can. So I planned to go along on this afternoon after picking up the kids from school (Tuesday is my short work day). It pays to book, as one time I merrily went along and found they were completely booked-out.


Snow, snow, snow!

We went up to the snow on the weekend. Myself, the kids, cousin Leo, and cousin Leo's dad Adrian. Five blokes on a snow trip. The great thing about going to Mt Donna Buang yesterday was there was plenty of snow. The bad thing about going to Mt Donna Buang yesterday was that lots of other people had the same idea. This became apparent when we got through Warburton and saw one of those



Manchester Lane, four years later. She looked about the same. Some bloke on her arm. Both smiling. Don't know if she noticed me noticing her as we passed. Didn't say anything, just kept walking. Glad she seems happy. Me too. PS. It was an ex, not the ex.

Home life

Up on the roof

On Saturday I went up on the roof of my house for the first time. Not for anything in particular, but just to see if I could, and to admire the view. The kids stood by, Isaac in particular making worried noises about the steadiness of the ladder, and the strength of the polycarbonate verandah roof I had to get across to get onto the roof proper. Peter had assured me although it might bend, it w