Is the week over yet?

What a week.

I already mentioned a colleague’s mother-in-law and an ex-colleague of mine passing away last weekend. I went to the latter funeral today. The family are understandably very upset at his unexpected death at 63. They had a nice booklet with a eulogy that talked in detail about his life. Nice touch.

Just before the funeral I got some health news about someone, which I won’t divulge just now.

Then when I got back home after the funeral I got the news that a guy I know was hit by a tram this morning in Victoria Parade. He’s off the critical list now, and is stable, though there’s some risk of brain damage.

Definitely one of those weeks.

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4 Replies to “Is the week over yet?”

  1. Wow… what a week! Gagh! They say these things come in threes… let’s hope the run is over, for goodness sakes!

  2. I realise death and serious illness isn’t something to joke about, but I reckon your friends should stay in bed!

  3. Man, I’m so sorry.
    Do you know if he is conscious yet?
    I hope he gets to see his family soon
    Gosh.. that’s just terrible

  4. Bridget, he’s okay, he’s in a medically-induced coma, will be revived soon, and tests so far indicate there should be no permanent damage. Touch wood.

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