Last night was the coldest of the year so far, and I certainly felt it. The BOM weather monitoring station closest to me would be Moorabbin, and apparently it got down to 0.0 at 3:35am. Not as cold as Scoresby though, -1.3 at 7:32am.

Certainly it was the first time this year I’ve found ice on the car in the morning. If the weather is going to keep this up, it might be time to crack out the flannel sheets.

But on the bright side, should be plenty of snow this year — hopefully even more than on our last visit, two years ago.

News and events

Unfortunately, we’ll always have Paris

In my years of blogging, I have so far managed to avoid mentioning Paris Hilton. Because up until now, I’d considered her to be nothing more than a waste of oxygen and newsprint. Seriously, I’d hoped that her incarceration would mean she’d be out of the news for a few weeks. I should have known better.

She broke her parole, being caught twice driving after being disqualified for drink-driving. That’s not just wasting oxygen and being dumb, that’s thumbing your nose at the punishment for being a dangerous idiot.

Her stupidity is legendary. If she’s not actually stupid, she’s doing a damn good imitation of it. Look at her eyes. Do you see an ounce of intelligence? And witness (even as she’s claiming she won’t be acting dumb anymore) her assessment of being in a jail cell, which “…felt as if I was in a cage”. Duh. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

One can only hope that jail knocks some sense into the stupid bint.