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The weekend’s reviews

Shrek the Third — was okay I suppose, a few amusing moments, but nothing outstanding. The first Shrek is still the best one… egads they have a Shrek 4 planned — I hope it’s better than the Third, though I bet they’re all successful. I suppose worth watching if someone else is paying, but fails the “would watch again” test.Thumbs down!

I had been thinking that Jim Schembri’s article the other day about kids in cinemas was an exaggeration, but on second thoughts, it’s true: some kids (especially younger kids) don’t know how to behave in cinemas, and evidently their parents don’t know either.

Nerds FC — very amusing stuff. Yes I noted the guy who can recite pi — though he knows 486 digits, a long way over my paltry 75. I only caught a couple of episodes of the first series, but will try and see the rest of these ones.Thumbs up!

Oh, and just when I thought my footy tipping couldn’t get any worse… 2 out of 8.Thumbs down!