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Thoughts of Kerang

The memorial service for the victims of the Kerang disaster was this afternoon. One can only hope that it provided some solace to their friends and family. Life for the rest of us goes on. It's been interesting to read the thoughts of some of those close to the scene. Katrina, a Kerang local writes from China of her initial response to hearing of the crash from far away. Michael Harry, an


Origin Energy pack

After signing up weeks ago, my box of green goodies from Origin Energy finally arrived. That is, a card from the post office arrived, and I went down to collect it on Tuesday. As the lady dug around behind the counter to find it, I looked across. There must have been 7 or 8 Origin Green Energy boxes piled up; obviously a few people are going green this week, which is good to see. I got it ho

News and events

Bye bye golden wallet

So, John Laws is retiring. I liked Matthew Ricketson's report, which talked about "a conga line of" praising politicians -- surely referencing Mark Latham's "conga line of suckholes". Lawsy might air on 71 radio stations around the country, but that doesn't include any in Melbourne. I'd like to think we're a bit more cynical (particularly after the Cash For Comment affair), and I'm not impresse


Supermarket stuff

Recycled tissues are back in the mainstream supermarkets, if my local is any judge. Naturale 100% recycled. I'll stock up. Sadly the Continental brand chicken sauce I (and the kids) like seems to have vanished completely. It seems to have morphed from two jars into one, and adopted the dodgy-sounding brand name Indian Tonight. Last night On Sunday night (after finding my precious recycled ti

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Choir of Hard Knocks

The Choir of Hard Knocks, made up entirely of homeless or disadvantaged people, played the Town Hall last night. But on Friday night they were singing in the Campbell Arcade (Degraves Street Subway), evidently opening an exhibit down there of portraits of the choir members. You could barely see or hear them amongst the big crowd that turned up to see them (or, like us, happened to come past to

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Is the week over yet?

What a week. I already mentioned a colleague's mother-in-law and an ex-colleague of mine passing away last weekend. I went to the latter funeral today. The family are understandably very upset at his unexpected death at 63. They had a nice booklet with a eulogy that talked in detail about his life. Nice touch. Just before the funeral I got some health news about someone, which I won't divulg


How to get rich (maybe)

Most days I take my own lunch into work. But if I've forgotten or not had time, and I'm not going out to lunch with anybody else, I'll buy something. Sometimes it'll be a burger. But most of the other times, I'll go to a place in the Australia On Collins foodcourt which makes rather nice rolls, with roast chicken, lamb, or pork. On Monday I went and got one. I found the people had all changed,

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Note to self

My car is dark grey. A recent study found that dark-coloured cars are more prone to accidents. In the rain, like this morning, I drive with my lights on, for visibility. It's like my friend Merlin, who rides a motorcycle. Where he lives in Canberra, you apparently don't have to ride with your motorcycle headlight on (or didn't, when I asked him about it a few years ago). But he said "my bike is