The fuzz and the outlaws

Hot Fuzz — Saw this the other week. Very funny, very bloody, very enjoyable comedy, which pays homage to cop buddy movies. The only problem was that the trailer has far too many of the best jokes in it, and I found myself watching some scenes, waiting for the funny line. I suspect I’d have enjoyed the movie a lot more if I hadn’t watched the trailer. Still lots of fun though. If you liked Shaun Of The Dead, you’ll like this.Thumbs up!

Robin Hood — So this is the new, hip Robin Hood adaptation? Sorry, but I found it a bit dull. Arrow sound effects with the captions and acrobatics during fights don’t necessarily make for good TV. I think I still prefer the old Robin Of Sherwood from the 80s. The Sheriff was amusing in this one, but not enough to get me to tune in again next week.Thumbs down!

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