Sheep 1 Sheep 2

Broad focus: Don’t be a sheep. Make your own decisions.

Narrow focus: Don’t just follow those other people walking across the road against the lights. Look where you’re going.

(Yeah, I’ve talked about this before.)

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7 thoughts on “Sheep”

  1. 1
    Roger says:

    Well, one of the people jay-walking appears to be a Sydney Swans supporter (therefore on holidays from sin-city). So maybe Melbourne road rules are different and he didn’t know what “Don’t walk” means?

  2. 2
    Andrew says:

    Made worse by motorists who slow or stop and wave them across. Politeness is good, too much politeness is not. Of course I am not saying run them down, however tempting.

  3. 3
    Michael says:

    Obviously the Police in the nearby station were too busy with coffee and donuts :)

  4. 4
    Daniel says:

    Sounds unlikely Roger… Anyway it doesn’t account for the loads of people who don’t have signs of being interstate visitors who regularly cross there against the lights.

    Yeah Andrew… Politeness is good, but directly contradicting existing road rules for no good reason will probably backfire in the long run.

  5. 5
    steve says:

    Surely if it was a four wheel drive instead of a fuel efficent model going through that intersection it would have been a completly diferent post. (look out poor predestrians a monster is about to eat you up!)If i was driving an Easy 110 points (20 for a predestrian 30 for a interstater)

  6. 6
    Daniel says:

    No Steve, would have been the same post. As per the previous one on this topic (see link above) peds not looking here has long been a bugbear of mine.

  7. 7
    Rob K says:

    Solution – Brake hard, but safely and hit the horn. The shame of being stupid is a powerful weapon.

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