Crime scene: Bentleigh

OK, what git stole my recycling bin?

I’ve only had it four months, and it’s not like anybody would have taken it accidentally, not with the size of the street number I painted on it.


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8 Replies to “Crime scene: Bentleigh”

  1. My bin used to get knicked on a regular basis then I would have to provide a statutory declaration in order to receive a new one. A major bloody pain on both points.

  2. Sometimes I despair of the human race.

    I once used a wheelie bin as a rain-water tank. Implant a satelite tracking device in the replacement :)

  3. Once a bin was stolen from the Tullamarine/Calder Upgrade site. It was a disaster.

    CLEANAWAY had to send out another bin.

  4. Mine got nicked on a very regular basis – I even tried painting on “Bad Karma attached” but it didn’t work.. I feel your pain.

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