Off to Hobart

I’m off to Hobart today, for the weekend.

The first thing people have asked me when I mention it? “Are you hiring a car?” — as if Hobart is so horrible that as soon as we’ve arrived, we have to escape it.

Maybe it’s just that Hobart is small. That’s the verdict from the advance party (Marita, going to a conference down there), who let me know within hours of getting there that we should consider hiring a car to see more of what’s out there in Tassieland.

I’ll find out shortly.

The other thing some people have asked is if I’m flying or boating. Hobart’s on the wrong side of Tassie to go by boat… it would take all weekend.

Oh, and since my camera has gone to Europe, I’ve borrowed my sister’s. I guess she’ll be borrowing one from someone else if she needs one…

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4 thoughts on “Off to Hobart”

  1. 1
    Hendo says:

    Great city Hobart, with plenty to do and easy to get around. There is some amazing scenery within easy driving distance though and a rental car would give you a chance to see it.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Salamanca Market on a Saturday morning is a lovely thing to visit.

  3. 3
    Andrew says:

    Weekend………you probably don’t need a car for a weekend if you staying near the centre of town.
    It is lovely. Have a good time.

  4. 4
    Mal says:

    You’ll need a car when you go to visit the Cadbury Chocolate factory!!! heh heh
    Enjoy your weekend :)

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