Home life

In the mailbox

I've had a few unwanted visitors recently... mice in the fireplace (and scuttling around the rest of the house). The first cockroaches of the summer have appeared (and subsequently met their maker). And the other night some possums were making an unbelievable amount of noise in the ceiling. But now I've got this in the mailbox: a spider. One of those big hairy ones which is probably more scary


Where are the couriers?

Are email and PDF putting couriers out of business? When I first worked in the city in the early-90s, there were heaps of bike couriers around the place. You'd see them speeding around the streets, grabbing hold of trams and trucks to go up hills, zooming through lights, dodging pedestrians and cars alike. Back then the technology for moving documents around electronically was somewhat lacki


Drink more fluoride

I went to the dentist on Saturday, and after the ritual inspect, scale, clean and brushing advice (for myself and the kids), I was chatting to him about how things had changed in the last generation. I mentioned that by the time I was 10, I had about 10 fillings, a stark contrast to Isaac (with one) and Jeremy (with none). He said that dental care had improved, as had education about brushing, but

Doctor Who

Doctor Who 2006: the second half

Here's my quick reviews of the second half of this year's Doctor Who. (First half here.) Some spoilers for people who haven't seen it. (Les, this means you.) The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit -- Terrific stuff. The tension in the first episode was fantastic, especially when the beast was stalking the archeologist. Scared the crap out of me. Loved the ending. Trivia: Voice of the Beast was don

Friends and loved ones

The old school

On the train the other day I overheard two students from my old high school, talking about the pros and cons of various teachers. I had to chuckle when a couple of familiar names popped up: Mr Kite and Ms Lester. Still there, 18 years after I left. (Gawd. 18 years. It's a long time.) I assume it was the last day for year 12s the day before. As I went past I noted big banners up -- something abo

Geek, Working life

Does success make you? Or do you make success?

Cam of TPN is off to America to make his fortune, and his latest podcast is a "Goodbye Australia" edition. But what I found really interesting about it is him talking about the (metaphorical) journey -- how he's got into this position, and how successful people work: meeting people, making contacts, helping those contacts when you can, often without any direct incentive. Jumping off the cliff to t

Friends and loved ones, transport

Another trip

Another trip (more pleasant this time) and another fellow-passenger out of context. I sat down on a train a couple of weeks ago, and flicked through the MX. I looked up and saw a familiar face in a nearby seat. Who is that? Oh. So I went over and said "Hi Dad." Hadn't seen him in a while, and I'd been under the impression that we wasn't getting out very much at present, so it was a surpri