Beef and vegetable soup

Heinz Big’n’Chunky Beef and Vegetable Soup. I like a can of soup on a cold night when I’m feeling too lazy to cook properly. But this reminded me just a little too much of the aroma of dog food.

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8 Replies to “Beef and vegetable soup”

  1. Well, they did say it’ll make a man of you. ;) Maybe you should try Campbell’s Country Chicken soup instead. From the many canned soup I’ve tried, I liked that one the best. In my opinion at least.

  2. Mwah ha ha…… meat in a can must have commonality in odour molecules… could you force it down after that?

  3. I really don’t think you can go past a tin of Heinz plain old tomato soup. And some toast. Thats pretty much my favourite ‘lazy’ dinner/lunch meal!!! It might not have bits in it, its probably not real tomato but it tastes awesome!

  4. i think my mum-in-law heated up that exact same one for my almost three year old. i was going to try some until i smelled it. fortunately, smiley seemed to enjoy it, but perhaps only because the dog we used to own when he was a bit younger only ate fresh mince rather than canned dog food, so he’s never smelled it. *shudder*

  5. Last night I had a bowl of Zippy’s Portuguese sausage and bean soup. Fantastic! I’m ordinarily not much of a soup fan, but this was off the charts good. Their frozen products are a bit expensive, but really good (try their chili)

  6. Yep, IMO Heinz soups are best left on the supermarket shelf. If you like ‘chunky’ soups, try the Campbells Chunky range. Potato & Bacon, yummmmm…

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