Here are my desks

Today I’m working from home. Here is my (still relatively tidy from Saturday’s pre-party cleanup) home office. With the new flat screens ‘n’ everything.


You see the stool at the far left? That’s got most of the bits of paper on it that were formerly cluttering up the desk. I’ll get through those and sort them out properly… soon…

I’m working from home because I was waiting for the washing machine repair guy. It started leaking water on Saturday, dammit. Turned out to be a cracked door seal. Ch-ching, $118.70 inc labour and parts. (Mind you I’m relieved that this time it wasn’t something I could have fixed myself.)

Okay, back to work for me…

2 thoughts on “Here are my desks”

  1. 1
    Chris says:

    Need to buy a new mouse – I can’t get your famous tooltips to work on that picture :(

  2. 2
    Daniel says:

    ‘Cos I had no time to do them this time…

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