To those leaving comment spam

There appear to be some people manually leaving comment spam here. It’s written to look relevant to the post it’s on, and includes a link to one of a series of near-identical web-sites obviously set-up just to get attention from search engines, eg a “Splog.”

Now hear this: If your comment leaves a URL that goes to a site that looks suspicious to me, I will be either removing the URL when I approve your comment, or at my exclusive discretion, deleting your comment altogether.

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One Reply to “To those leaving comment spam”

  1. Daniel,

    Given that you’re using WordPress I suggest you install the Akismet plugin ( and Bad Behaviour ( the combination of the two almost eradicated spam on my site.

    Akismet tracks spam through a centrally administered blacklist and Bad Behaviour prevents spambots from accessing a site.


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