School photos

Due to various circumstances, I got to see some of the school photos taken on Tuesday.

It’s an annual event of course, and one not to be missed I reckon. Maybe I’m more nostalgic than most about my childhood (especially this week it seems), but from time to time I do like looking at my old school pictures, and I suspect my kids will value theirs in future decades too.

The school photos are done by a company which obviously has things running like a well-oiled machine. The group shots were done outside in the sunshine, the individual photos in the school hall.

The photographer was working the crowd (of 8 year olds) like a TV show warmup guy, keeping the kids laughing and entertained as he arranged them. “You there! Tinkerbell! Could you stand there? You guys — Tinky-Winky, La La, Dipsy, Po! Over here please.”

And thanks to the wonders of cheap reliable high quality digital photography, they could check all the shots were okay straight away.

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