Aaron Sorkin, you are a genius

Have I mentioned how much I like The West Wing? It’s coming back onto Australian TV in a fortnight, at the rather more acceptable hour of 9:30 Thursdays on the ABC, starting with season 4.

The problem is I’m only two-thirds of the way through season 2 in the DVDs my sister lent me. Which means, if I want it to get it all right in sequence, I have fourteen days to get through twenty-eight episodes.

Time to go watch another one.

Update 11pm. 27 to go.

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4 Replies to “Aaron Sorkin, you are a genius”

  1. I’m a long way behind … A friend introduced me to it with a couple of episodes (ie. the first three, I think) and I really liked it, but have not had the time to watch any more with him or borrow the DVD. So, I have 3 nights to watch 3 seasons … It ain’t gunna happen, and I’ll watch it all on DVD one day in the future I think …

  2. Well when I was in the USA last year I brough up to season 6 on DVD…so I have a LONG wait until I see a new episode. Channel Nine actually showed season 4 and half of 5 before sending it on it’s merry way.

  3. You know, West Wing is a well-acted, interesting show that keeps your attention, but I find it hard to watch because of the built-in liberal bias…imagine a world where Slick Willie Clinton and Hillary are Co-Presidents for Life, (shudder) and the West Wing makes more sense. You see, Hollywood didn’t dare do a series showing conservative, red-state America (probably 80% of the country)…they’re afraid of the truth.

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