9 thoughts on “Yoghurtgate

  1. Lovely to have a fridge to share, but not nice when people nick your lunch! Love to hear the follow up story of the thief caught red handed

  2. I went to my company’s Los Angeles office a year or so ago and got talking to the company’s security manager. They had a seriel lunch thief in their midst and had secretly installed a CCTV camera.

    They were checking the tape everyday to ensure that all those that “took from the fridge” had in fact “deposited in the fridge that morning”

    After a few days, they had narrowed their suspicions down to three staff members…

    I had to laugh, they were taking it sooooo seriously!

  3. Daniel,
    Yeah, someone in our office was repeatedly swiping the Weetbix. We are looking for a cereal offender. (apologies to the Two Ronnies).

  4. All you need is a petty cash tin as a lunchbox … things will cool just fine, but can’t be gotten to … and
    it sure sends a message … :)

  5. I had my pizza stolen at work once and was really hungry the rest of the day. The boss apologized–I was hoping he’d buy me a new pizza. No such luck. Next time I bought pizza, I took a bite out of every piece before I put it in the fridge. I also stuck it in a large paper bag, stapled it shut, wrote my name on it and the fact that I had taken a bite out of every piece. Overkill, yes, but my pizza was there when I wanted it. People laughed at me, shook their heads. Darn pizza thieves….

  6. Amy, That didn’t help me when a big carrot cake with cream cheese frosting muffin went missing. I had saved it for the following morning for breakfast. But I had ALSO EATEN a big bite out of it in the afternoon with the munchies hit. Didn’t stop someone from taking it, eating it and dumping the box in the trash! Even with a bite out of it. I found out it was our Department HEAD!!!

    PS Daniel, what happened to the photo of the frig???


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