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The rellies

Just before Christmas I got to meet some of my relatives for the first time in quite a while. My aunt(-in-law) Gem and my cousin Justin were in town for a few days. Hadn't seen Justin in almost 20 years... both of us were much younger than at present, and while I barely remember it (my sister and I visited them in Brisbane for Expo '88, when I was 18) he would have been about 4, and remembers abso



Christmas was the usual combination of family, presents, and too much food. After a day or two of recovery, we headed off for the Melbourne Aquarium yesterday. So did half the city, apparently. It was crowded -- perhaps too crowded to be really enjoyable, in fact. But it was spectacular, particularly the "Fish Bowl" and Oceanarium. I hadn't been before, and enjoyed the exhibits that w

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Christmas stressants

OK, I admit it, I'm getting a little stressed about Christmas. After a good start, the shopping has all fallen in a heap over the last few weeks. I've still got numerous things to buy, both known and unknown. The way it's looking, this Christmas it won't quite be gift vouchers at twenty paces, but it might come close. A bunch of stuff ordered online for the kids hasn't arrived yet, and if it's

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Christmas came early

On Monday... Deposited my tax return, which was twice as much as I expected. Work gave me a big basket of Christmas goodies. (Nice change from the Gold Class cinema tickets I never get around to using until the last month before expiry). A new food court is opening in my building. They came through with free muffin and biscuit samples. And I had a killer idea (the fruits of which you w

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The unexpected connection

In Christmassy terms, I had a very successful couple of days -- on Friday I managed to get my Christmas cards (and annual letter) to UK relatives into the mail. I've gradually reduced the number of cards I send every year as more people get email. I'll do some kind of email card in the next couple of days to most of my remaining relatives, but most of the UK ones remain steadfastly offline. With a


I just drove a Prius

As you may have spotted, I'm not much of a fan of cars. Oh sure, modern western society relies on them, but far too much. But even in my version of suburban utopia, they'd be there by neccessity for some people and some trips. So given they'll always be around, it makes sense for them to be as economical as possible. To leave the lightest footprint possible. The poster-child for the new bree

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Read these

Two great blog posts I've read recently: If you've ever worked in a service industry, and been on the receiving end of someone's arseholedness, have a read of this -- Nice consumer takes-on Nasty. I don't recall ever encountering people of the moronic calibre when I was working in a shop. Either I was lucky, or they predominantly live in America. What happens to your body if you drink a Coke


Don’t do it

I'm not going to name names, but it seems this needs spelling out. Ladies, DO NOT pull a gentleman's tie. It's not funny. It's just annoying. A tie is a highly-tuned precision garment. Sometimes it's a great deal of effort to get it looking just right. Sometimes it's even a great deal of effort to get it looking even half-decent. You mess with it and it'll be uncomfortable and look awkward u