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Thursday thoughts

I just did a load of washing, including a doona cover. Every single other item ended up inside the doona cover. How is this possible? Number of people observed at the mobile blood bank last week who were reading The Da Vinci Code: 2. It's hot again today. Trying to take cover, keep the house cool. I'm not impressed with the evaporative cooler I bought last summer. It does blow out cold air,

Home life


Got my water bill the other day, and along with it was a little card about average water usage. I can't be bothered re-keying it, so I'll scan. This is the average number of litres per day, used by households of different sizes (people) and with/without gardens. Me? I'm sitting on 347 litres per day, with of course a big garden and 1-3 people in the house, depending on the day of the week.

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Adventure in Warragul

It started with an observation from one or both of my offspring: "I've never been on a sprinter train!" So I thought ah, one more week of holidays for me, I'll take them on the train down to Geelong. They're well-versed with travel on the suburban trains (it's all part of my "Dad's taxi"-avoidance scheme for coming years when they explore the world on their own) but we don't venture onto V/Line


The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries. Perhaps movies are always better when they're free, but I enjoyed this a lot. Certainly more than Age critic Jim Schembri, who apparently found it dull. I didn't... I have no Che Guevara t-shirts, posters or other memorabilia, but his transformation from medical student to revolutionary was only part of the story. The humour, the scenery, the classic appeal of any road movi

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Here is my dish rack

The other week I was reading some bit of junk mail that came through my post box, and noting that dish washers aren't quite as exhorbitantly priced as I thought they might be. When I eventually own a house, I'll be sure to get one, just to save the dish washing effort. But in the mean time, here is my dish rack... Fascinating stuff, hey? Feel free to post a picture of your dish rack... L


Meanwhile, over on Ebay

My latest Ebay listing: LOTR Two Towers collector's DVD - box and Gollum only Just the box and the Gollum This is the Australian DVD collector's gift box of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers... but WITHOUT the discs... eg it's just the gift box and the Gollum/Smeagol. Just to emphasise: No discs, no collector's booklet, no anamorphic widescreen, no 5.1 sound, no movie. Just the box and th



The Triplets of Belleville. French animation, with some very funny moments (especially from Bruno the dog), and some very dark ones too, which possibly make it too dark for kids, despite the PG rating. Keep watching after the credits (I wish we had.) Maybe don't watch it if you don't like frogs... Great stuff. Japanese Story. Toni Collette in a very un-Muriel-like role. Some scenery (both natur

Home life

The $74.85 sock

Service call part 1 On Tuesday afternoon I took my sister and her husband to go look at a car in West Footscray Kingsville. Consider it Used-Karma -- my sister gave me lifts when years ago I was car-shopping. We got there, and then I locked my keys in my car. Oops. I tried to remember the number for the RACV. I coulda sworn it used to be in my mobile phone's memory, but it wasn't. I peere

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NY resolutions

Here are my New Year's resolutions. They start off with vague motherhood statements and get into some specifics further down. To be, in alphabetical order, a better boyfriend, brother, parent, son, uncle, world citizen... to be a better person. To keep learning and trying new things. To keep working for or giving to causes I believe in. To have more fun. To stop being so damn busy I