Home life

The morning that went askew

Sneezing attack at home. Which (may have) caused me to forget to pick up my mobile phone. (By the time I realised, it was too late to go back.) Which caused me not to get the SMS advising the train before mine was cancelled. Which meant my train was packed. (Though admittedly not up to 11.) Which meant I got off it at Richmond to get onto a direct Flinders Street train. And started sne


Restaurants past

I've moved away from Carnegie, but our old regular Friday night dinner places are worth a thumbs up... Herbs Pizza, corner Koornang and Neerim Roads, Carnegie -- These are brilliant pizzas. Seems a little expensive until you find the Two Large Takeaway Pizzas for $19.50, which should leave enough for breakfast or lunch the next day. The Mediteranean Chicken and Patatara can't be beat. Super yum

Working life

Stupid machine

Stupid damn printer/fax machine/copier. I put a document in to fax, and punched in the fax number. 7010 2168 (or something like that). But I hadn't set it to Fax mode. It decided it was in Copier mode, but will only allow three digits for the number of copies, so it started printing 168 copies of my 4 page document. Thankfully I was able to cancel the job before it used up a whole tree. A li


More roadsign silliness

Not as bad as the last one, but still... This is the end of a 40 (school) zone, and is at the bottom of a hill at a T-junction. Assuming you've been travelling along this road at the 40 limit, why on earth would you speed up to 50 just before you have to stop at the junction? It's not even as if the road at the junction has a 50 limit. It doesn't -- it is 60. So the 50 limit shown here a


West Wing coming to ABC?

The hot rumour is the ABC has bought The West Wing off Channel 9, who couldn't have programmed it in a worse manner if they tried. I've been watching DVDs of the series courtesy of my sister. And let me tell you, it's rivetting. This is political drama at its best. (Mind you, I've heard some of the more conservative Americans don't like it, evidently because the characters are too small-L li


What I didn’t buy at Coles

Contrary to my claims of last week (who'd have thought a few words on the joys of shopping on foot would attract so many comments?!), on Sunday I found myself grocery shopping by car at Coles at Southland. This is because I'd wanted to look for something at K-Mart. It's one of those trips that would have been by train... if there was a station at Southland. Unfortunately the designers have laid


Shopping on foot

Some have recently suggested that people should be consolidating grocery shopping, doing just one big trip per week, to cut down on petrol usage. I've done the opposite -- I've started doing more trips to the supermarket, on foot. This is helped by the fact that since I've moved, the supermarket is only about 5 minutes walk from home. In fact with looking for parking, it would probably take as lon

books, Net

Deep dark secret

Andrew asks what blog posts have been later regretted. I'm struggling to remember, but I think there have been one or two over the years that I've edited, deleted, or not quite posted, after realising how cranky or stupid I sounded. Maybe I'll regret this post. For I have a deep dark secret. I'm reading a Dan Brown novel. Demons and Angels. A colleague lent it to me, and while I'm the first


Everyday exercise

It's 10 minutes walk from home to the station. And 10 from the station to work (unless I go via Flinders Street). All good exercise. But of course most of the benefits of exercise don't kick in until you've done 20ish sustained minutes. Maybe they should fit treadmills in the train? I suppose if it's not too crowded, you could pace the platform and the train, but you'd look like some kind of