Home life

Chasing birds

Marita and Justine's dog Maisie doesn't like a lot of things, but she does like chasing other animals. Rabbits, cats, birds... By far her favourite type of bird to chase looks a little like a pigeon, but has a pointy head, and makes a funny noise when it flies. This delights Maisie, and when she chases a few of them and they all take off at once making the funny noise, she'll often let out a jo

Home life

Settling into the neighbourhood

You know when you're starting to settle into the neighbourhood when... ...someone knocks on your door to let you know you left your car lights on ...you remember what day is garbage day, without having to check ...the various shortcuts (by foot or by road) to strategic locations have been figured out ...the local amenities (post box, shop, late-night chemist, takeaway, spot where someb



I know it's Christmas, but this is ridiculous. Here is a list of the junkmail that arrived in my letterbox yesterday: Silver Star carpet cleaning Surfzone KFC BCC Computers Big W Target Repco Telstra Shop The Good Guys Prouds Jewellers Penhalluriack's building supplies Lincraft Discount coupons booklet Ray White real estate Falafel Kitchen Direct Factory Outlets Crazy John's

News and events

Name that flag

Red flag, white crescent and star. Name it. Wednesday lunchtime. The traffic lights weren't changing. Two motorcycle cops zoomed up, lights flashing, shouting instructions, gesticulating and giving a blast from their sirens to gain attention. "You! Do your hook turn! You wait there!" We lunchtime pedestrians looked on, bemused. Intersection cleared, traffic and people waiting. Who was coming

Consumerism, Home life

Two of everything

Now that I've got a dishwasher, I've been making sure I have two of everything. Unless you're a water-wasting Wally enviro-bastard, the cardinal rule of the dishwasher is only to run it when it's full, so I've bought some extra cutlery so that in a typical week, I can run it every second day. I've also solved a little mystery, that of the dishwasher stopping midway through the cycle and complai