7 thoughts on “Does size matter?

  1. Well, your wreath is bigger than mine so be proud! That other one is way too big in my mind.

    Have a Merry Christmas yourself with your sons and enjoy it. Enjoy the heat too.

  2. Try living over here with the Americans, there is a wreath for every occasion (I kid you not) and for every purpose sold at all the ‘marts’ (Walmart Kmart etc). Placcy flowers and wreaths are popular in the cemetaries, along with those whirly fan thingies you used to get at the Melbourne Show when you were a kid. I’m just waiting to see a whirly thingy wreath, I may buy one of them…

    Thank you for your blog and for keeping me sane. I’m an old Glenhuntly resident and have lived over here in the US for two & a bit years, your images of Melbourne and the burbs soothe my homesick ache.

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