4 thoughts on “Grumble

  1. What’s planned for that block is two houses, one at the front, one at the back. Fair enough, as long as the building isn’t too disruptive (eg no more waking me up early!)

  2. Anyone seen those portable offices (???) which are now on the old Lombard site in Kensington/Flemington. Well I discovered a few weeks back that they bring the bloody things up Kent Street in Ascot Vale (which is where I formerly resided) at 4.00 a.m. in the morning and decide (for god knows what reason) that an emergency stop outside my bedroom window is necessary. Could be that they were inspecting the havoc which they had created hitting the beautiful street trees up to that point. Who knows. Firstly, there are curfews about trucks not using the streets around where I lived between certain hours and secondly when I went to work that day the surrounding streets were littered with the branches of the trees which said trucks had destroyed on their merry way to their destination. I thought of complaining but didn’t end up having the time to do it and it was only seeing your picture which reminded me of it.

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