Chasing birds

Marita and Justine’s dog Maisie doesn’t like a lot of things, but she does like chasing other animals. Rabbits, cats, birds…

By far her favourite type of bird to chase looks a little like a pigeon, but has a pointy head, and makes a funny noise when it flies. This delights Maisie, and when she chases a few of them and they all take off at once making the funny noise, she’ll often let out a joyous “Woof!” for all to hear.

I’ve noticed some of these birds are sometimes in my street. When nobody’s looking, I’ll chase them on Maisie’s behalf, just so I too can elicit their funny flying noise.

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6 Replies to “Chasing birds”

  1. In Canberra they are called woodpigeons. They’re very cute, and they make a whistling noise when they flap away from ‘predators’.

  2. Everyone else identified the bird for you, but I will comment on the fact that you are not afraid to have a little spontaneous, just plain silly, fun, not caring what the rest of world might think when they see you chasing the birds. GOOD FOR YOU !

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