The key

It’s almost two weeks since I moved. When they were shifting the filing cabinet, the movers handed me the key for safe keeping. I put it somewhere safe.

So safe than I still can’t find it.

All the papers I immaculately filed over the past few weeks are locked away where I can’t get at them. Sigh.

Tony reckons one can open a filing cabinet easily with a plastic ruler — he’s seen it — though he doesn’t know enough about it to give me detailed instructions. Google offers as much information at Tony on this. I’ve done much fiddling with a ruler, poking it around in the gap, but had no luck.

Thankfully I’ve got a locksmith coming on Saturday anyway for something else. He says he can open it.

I’ll be interested to see if he uses a plastic ruler.

7 thoughts on “The key

  1. I knew I should have paid more attention but all Dad did was produce a plastic ruler, say “watch this son” and two seconds after sliding the ruler down the side of the drawer it would spring open.

  2. Suzie

    There is a number on the lock. If you take the number and the positioning of it to a key cutter they can make a new key for a small amount. I can recommend John Barnes in Centre Road, East Bentleigh for this. I’ve had dealings with them for many years.

  3. Susze

    at least you can get a locksmith to sort it out – I’m forever putting jewellery pieces in ‘safe’ places and I have a heckova time finding them again! I finally found one necklace in an empty vitamin bottle. ? so clever. not. !!! :O)

  4. There is a sliding rod inside the cabinet at the front. With your ruler, you just need to push it down. How you get to it when the drawers are locked, I am not sure. Watch the locksmith and fill us all in on the secret.

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