According to The Independent, next year there’ll be a spin-off series from Doctor Who, called Torchwood. It’ll be more adult, described as “The X-Files meets This Life” and will star John Barrowman as “Captain” Jack Harkness, part of a team investigating alien activity on Earth.

Three Dollars — It was an okay movie. Perhaps a bit close to the bone for me; I’ve seen some of those issues come up in the dim dark past of my life. I was watching out for various Melbourne locations… a few shots of Fed Square, and Flinders Street — where two Bad Things are shown happening on (shudder) platform 13. It had its good points, such as time spent with the tramps, which I found interesting. But the movie is so long it drags on a bit, and sadly fails my “Would I watch it again?” test.Thumbs down

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