Old man Dan

Tomorrow I turn 35. Probably a quiet night tonight (I’m still getting over flu from last week), but catch up with some friends and dinner tomorrow, and a family lunch on Sunday.

(34 33 32 31 30 2925)

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14 Replies to “Old man Dan”

  1. A belated many happy returns!

    When I turned 35, several friends commented: “So, half Time, then.”

    Thanks a bunch, I thought…… ;-)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Nana Ross celebrated her 100th birthday on your birthday! (It was a great party! She had a couple of naps, while we were partying! Her actual birthday is Tuesday, 30th.)

    My brother’s birthday is the day before and my nephew’s birthday is on monday, the 29th.

    I wonder what all these mothers were doing 9 months ago!

    j :)
    in Canada

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