I’m not here right now

Rae’s post about the amusing email Away message reminded me of the screensaver I wrote years ago. It was intended to run on office computers, and one of the animations included a random message:

I’m not here right now because I’m…

  • out experiencing life.
  • doing a nude team-building workshop.
  • at a job interview with an opposition company.
  • out experiencing life.
  • digging an escape tunnel.
  • complaining about you to your boss.
  • on an all-expenses-paid course in Hawaii.
  • at the pub.
  • stuck in the lift.
  • getting junk food.
  • recording my first hit album.
  • talking to the support guys, trying to figure out how to stop this screensaver.
  • pinching stuff from YOUR desk.
  • raiding the stationery cupboard.
  • at NASA training to be an astronaut.
  • at Buckingham Palace accepting a knighthood.
  • having coffee with the CEO.
  • trying to break the world record for the longest lunch ever.
  • asleep under my desk.

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