Quick reviews

A Series of Unfortunate Events — This was a paradox worthy of the appearance of Doctor Who’s reapers: Jim Carey in one of his rubbery face roles, yet not annoying. Who’d have thought? Nothing deep, but funny and suspenseful (well, a little) in the right places and totally fantastic set design. This turned out to be a most enjoyable film, though I still can’t figure out why a banker was left in charge of the welfare of three orphans. And is Lemony Snicket a real name? Roll on the (many) sequels.Thumbs up!

I’ve been trying to remember what the DVD was that we watched last Friday night. And I can’t. Not at all. I think it was okay, nothing exceedingly good or bad, but I just can’t remember what it was.

Ah, I’ve been reminded that it was Garden State. A very amusing film, possibly filled with a few too many quick appearances from town weirdos who don’t really push the story along.Thumbs up!

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  1. Have read the first six Lemony Snicket (I don’t think it’s a real name at all!) books, but not yet seen the film. Reviews all looked good though, as does yours. Have you read the books too, or just watched the film of the first 3 novels?

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