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Here is my wine collection

Here is my wine cellar collection. It sits up in the cupboard. My wine purchasing strategy is as follows: Buy the ones with the interesting looking labels (‘cos I know stuff-all about wine) Because I don’t consume them at a rate of knots, I buy bottles of moderately cheapish wine, keep it for a few […]


Have you ever seen?

I was watching an episode of the West Wing last night where one of the characters sees the body of a homeless man. And I recalled something I saw years ago. I was on a train going to work out in Burwood, standing by the door. Mine was the next stop. There was an announcement […]


The defective yearly

Today I went and got my defective Yearly Metcard ticket replaced. It stopped working a couple of weeks ago, after only 5 months, and I’ve finally got sick of having to find a human to get through the fare gates. To get it replaced, you have to go to Flinders Street Station, find the door […]

Home life

My Lego creation

My Lego creation from yesterday: (Captain) Jack Stone aboard the StrangeMobile. It’s got a battery pack and motor, and yes, it really moves.


The art of photography

Isaac’s a little unwell, so I’m at home today. I was clicking around one of the real estate web sites, when I came across this superb example of great real estate photography. Funny angle, thumb in the way… weren’t digital cameras meant to solve these kinds of issues?

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Fiddling with formats

After trying to stuff the Business section into its main News pages, and apparently getting flayed for it, The Age has now tried to stuff the Metro section in there instead. They say that Metro readers were sick of looking through the Sport section to find it. That’s probably true, but will they be any […]



Yesterday, Isaac, Jeremy, Marita, Adrian and myself piled into the car to head for the snow at Lake Mountain. It took about an hour to get past the Edge Of Known Suburbia (Lilydale), then about another hour via Healesville (quick rest stop) and Marysville to the slopes. Not as much snow present as last time, […]

News and events Politics and activism

Innocence lost

Right now, innocence is being taken by faceless government bureaucrats. The Age: Back at school after being illegally detained Immigration officers arrived unannounced at Stanmore Public School in March and removed Ian Hwang, then 11, and his six-year-old Australian-born sister Janey, after their Korean mother was arrested arriving at Sydney Airport with a false passport. […]


Pointless promotions

I see a fair number of product promotions at Parliament station in the mornings. Yesterday they were giving out Lipton Chai tea, which was very nice. This morning though, an interesting one: a promotion for A2 “double quality” paper. I think that was the brand name — obviously their promotional guys have let them down […]


Becoming a humourless old git

I was having a chat to my friend Stewart. He and his mate Joe have just launched a web site to go with their band, Joey Stew. They’ve got some downloadable samples of their songs on the site, so check it out, it’s funny stuff. But one lesson I’ve learnt over the years is to […]