In my cocoon

In my cocoon, the warmth engulfs me. I desperately don’t want to leave, but the shrieking alarm compels me to at least dangle my arm out to silence it. I do so, and gain ten minutes respite, to lie quietly, listening to toot of distant trains from distant places, the passing cars and trucks, and the newspaper hitting the driveway with a thud.

Soon the alarm sounds again. My arm dangles out to turn it off, and the rest of me follows. Time to start the day.

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6 Replies to “In my cocoon”

  1. I didn’t wake up with the snooze button this morning. I woke up when I realised I could taste copper in my mouth. Damn tooth extraction.

  2. I’ve just moved to Australia and I find there seems to be a little animosity between Sydney and Melbourne.
    Anyone care to expand on this ? I’m still in the lucky position of being able to choose where I end up working so thought some local views might be helpfull.

  3. I never use the snooze button, because I know I won’t. Instead it’s radio + procrastination, until it gets to 5:15am when I really must be up!

  4. Without a definite start time at work, if I don’t feel like getting up I’ve gotten in the habit of resetting the alarm an hour later and really enjoying that time. I’ve gone off the snooze. In a previous life I would hit it 3 or 4 times and not enjoy that time at all. It’s not sleep. Snooze button is bad.

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