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Will your web site live on after you die?

I’ve been thinking about death recently. Not enough to become really morbid or anything, but pondering what will be left in the way of memories. Will I leave my mark on the world? Will my thoughts and deeds live on? Not that I’m in any hurry. Life’s way too good. But I wonder what to […]

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Over the years, I’ve grown to like tea immensely. I’ve moved from not liking tea, to liking bog standard teabags, to preferring particular types of teabags such as Irish Breakfast, to being in a state of distress when there’s no leaf tea in the house. The tea at work has generally been a few steps […]

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The End Of Suburbia

Review: The End of Suburbia. I saw this at a PTUA screening to about 60 people a week or two ago. A fascinating film about the consequences of the forthcoming shortages of oil and natural gas. The film is North American-centric (as you can tell from the subtitle “Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the […]

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Ethical and organic

Those of you who make the extra effort to seek out ethical or organic products might be interested to know that Cadbury is taking over Green & Black’s chocolates. As one blogger commented — hey, at least it’s not Nestle. (via Andy) From time to time I’ve sampled G&B’s. Yummy stuff, and I for one […]



After yesterday’s little circus, it had to happen… I get off the train at Flinders Street and go through the gate. “Hello!” says the barrier attendant. “Uhh, hi.” “Are you the transport minister?” Oh, well done fella. Hint: the minister has a beard. “No…” and I tell him who I am. I am, if anything, […]

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Today’s funeral

If you didn’t see it on the news, here are some images from today’s funeral of a tram stop.


Cafe Armenia

Cafe Armenia. I’ve lived in and around Carnegie for upwards of ten years, and for much of that time I’ve joked about eating at the Cafe Armenia. Well on Friday we finally did it. I had no idea what to expect — there’s only so much you can glean from cowardly peering at the menu […]

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Funeral for a tram stop

Following the decision to close tram stops in Collins St, Flinders St and Victoria Pde, and expectations that more will follow, there will be a funeral for tram stop 7 at Russell and Collins Streets on Monday: R.I.P. Tram Stop 7, Route 109 1886-2005 Public Funeral 12.30pm, Monday 23rd May 2005 Cnr Collins St & […]

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How accurate are weather forecasts?

The Bureau of Meteorology installed a multi-gazillion dollar supercomputer a year or two back, with the aim of improving the accuracy of weather forecasts. How accurate are they? Well over about a week, I compared forecasts (including up to a week ahead of the day) against the actual weather reported the next day. I was […]

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Foggy highway

(Farnsworth Avenue, Footscray, last Sunday morning)