A musical hypothesis

I could tell you about how I got halfway to work yesterday and decided I didn’t feel well and I was going home to spend a lazy day resting. But I won’t. Instead I will present you with a hypothesis:

That listening to the iPod makes doing the dishes go faster.

I also spent a little (just a little) time yesterday sorting out my CD collection. No, not some kind of High Fidelity-type sorting out session. I was pondering the CDs I’ve been putting onto my iPod, pondering those that I never listen to, pondering the lack of shelf space in the CD part of the bookshelf, and pondering if I might find some CDs that I can ditch, sell, dump, donate, lose, or otherwise get rid of.

While there are quite a few I haven’t listened to in some time, there were less that I felt comfortable in getting rid of. I did find about a dozen, however, which is a good start. The question then becomes how I get rid of them. I’m not sure I’m willing to suffer the humiliation of a secondhand record shop rejecting them.

If I can’t summon up the courage for that, maybe I’ll look through the selection and send a couple of carefully targetted emails to possible grateful recipients.

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10 Replies to “A musical hypothesis”

  1. ebay is a good way to get rid of stuff you no longer want, but they need to be items people will want or need.
    Having said that, a friend of mine found a “Jive bunny” CD (remember that 80’s remix thing?) in an op shop, bought it for 20 cents, then listed it on ebay and it sold for nearly $30!

  2. You could sell them on ebay and donate the proceeds to Trish & Leanne’s MS Challenge! … [My, I’m getting quite brazen now, aren’t I? I’ll soon enough be fishing people’s wallets out of their pants and helping myself to the cash!]

  3. maybe you could conduct a social experiment with the really bad-taste albums – leave one or two lying around a food court or in a phone box somewhere and time how long it takes for someone to thieve it, or watch someone going through the thought processes… “hmmm, a free CD with no owner, but it’s crap… to steal or not to steal???”

  4. At my workplace, we did an auction of old CDs to raise money for charity. I had the same problem as you mention – lots of CDs, a fair few that I don’t listen to much anymore, hardly any that I was prepared to get rid of (actually, it was only 2).

    But my 2 CDs (which I would have been embarrassed to try and sell), raised $10 for charity, so I was happy.

    – OLS

  5. You should NEVER get rid of CDs, just as you should NEVER get rid of books. Put ’em all in a box and forget about them in the shed by all means, but NEVER, EVER get rid of them!

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