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It may be costing $700 million, and it may be causing untold confusion and inconvenience while it's being built, and the new name might be silly... but damn, that rolly roof is impressive. Click here to see it bigger (and unencumbered by the blog navigation) (Yeah, there's a slight glitch in the picture where a taxi was moving.) Mind you, I'm still wondering why they put the roof on f

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Hazelwood lives!

So, Hazelwood, the state's dirtiest power station, and the nation's heaviest polluter, is likely to keep churning along for another 26 years, happily burning filthy brown coal for electricity. Surely it must be time to not just research, but actively build alternative, sustainable electricity generators. The irony is some people are vehemently opposed to wind farms, on aesthetic grounds. They p


Incredible dynamite

The Incredibles. Not very deep, but it's a kids' movie I suppose. Enjoyable though. Amazing luck on Saturday, the crap Kensington video shop actually had a non-mainstream title that I wanted to see. (Wow, even their web site is crap, blasting you with a stupid corporate jingle, and no mute button.) Napolean Dynamite. I was already enjoying when it was pointed out the similarities between the

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From the scrolling news sign above Young & Jackson's... Seven eh? Oh dear. Oh well that's not as bad as 60. Wow. Do they know which seven? Only seven? Maybe they should stay home. Actually it's five. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I always thought it looked funny when I had the Yahoo newsbar on my computer. It would say things like "Yahoo! Earthq


Speeding fines

I treat speeding fines as a purely optional tax. I know some people seem to see them us unavoidable (notably one guy I knew who worked in car insurance), but really, nobody has to speed. Nothing's compelling you to press down harder on that accelerator. Those people zooming past me or tailgating might remember that next time they get a ticket. Here in Victoria in the past couple of years they'v

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Annoying bankers

I didn't buy a house on Saturday. Despite assistance, I was outmanoevred. It does strike me that the auction process is not dissimilar to professional poker. Anyway in preparation for the auction, I needed to be ready to pay a 10% deposit of (argh) tens of thousands of dollars by cheque. So last week I moved a heap of money from my St George DragonDirect account (which is fee-free and has pays


Old media vs new media

Old media: It's available when it's convenient for us. The 7pm news. Sport at 7:20. Weather at 7:25. Morning newspaper at 6:30am. New media: I want it now. Click. It's there. Old media: Huge audiences, available with low, well established, reliable technology: paper, radio, TV. New media: Minority but growing. Mainstream outlets driven by the old media, but a lot more niche outlets as wel