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Troy King and Alec Fry in Run Nerdboy Run!I was idly flicking through the Comedy Festival programme this morning when I saw a familiar face: a guy I went to school with is doing a show, called “Run Nerd Boy Run!”

So I read the blurb to Marita.

When I got to the last bit: these two are treating life like an underfed puppy after Christmas all logic went out the window, and I managed to interpret the word underfed not as


but as


I’m not sure what derfing is, but evidently some puppies don’t get enough of it.

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5 Replies to “Word of the week”

  1. Well, I also read the word as un-derfed the first time, thought about it (“what the hell is a derf?”), realised my mistake, then went on to read that you had done the same thing – at least you’re not alone in the world!

  2. Glad to see that there are people who care that so many puppies are not derfed as often as they should be !
    Now I hope we can meet the challenge of putting words into next years blurb that will cause the same contention.
    ps – sorry Daniel, but I do not recall you from school.

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