This looks good

Okay, so you might expect me to say so in any case, but damn this trailer looks good…


Spaceship flying over London

TARDIS console room

Dalek in chains

Now… could our ABC people please pull their fingers out and buy this new Doctor Who series please?

(Special thanks to those brave souls who put this kind of stuff online for people in the deprived parts of the world to see.)

PS. 6pm: Speculation that the BBC leaked the first Doctor Who episode onto the net on purpose, as a viral marketing exercise.

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3 Replies to “This looks good”

  1. Excellent

    I just cant wait until BBC finds a tv network over here in the states soon

    This Whovian here in the states is happy and cant wait for the new Dr Who tv series

    Rock on

  2. Love the old Dalek. From what I’ve heard [SPOILERS DELETED – Sorry Stuart, but people might not want to know that yet –Daniel]

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