Computer woes

I turned off my computer on Friday morning.

It wouldn’t turn back on on Friday night.

On Saturday I opened up the case and rummaged around.

On Sunday I asked some friends on email for advice. ‘Cos when it all comes down to it, I’m more of a software person than a hardware person. They said it was probably the Power Supply Unit (PSU).

I confirmed this by plugging the main power cable from the PSU in the other, working, spare computer, into that one. It worked.

I looked up PSUs on the Dick Smith web site. $99, in stock at the Dick Smith down the road. Handily local, though only one model available.

We strolled down to Dick Smith. Only to be told they’d just sold the last one. D’oh. There goes Daniel’s theory of quick and easy shopping.

So… I’m using the spare computer for a bit longer. Which can access the web and so on, but which I couldn’t use to blog, because I’d forgotten my blog password… argh…

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