Another weird dream

Another weird dream the other night:

I was in a kitchenware shop in Collins Street, as was the cat I had when I was growing up, Sooty.

Sooty said to me “I’m going home” and left the shop, off down the street.

Someone decided to give the other cat from my childhood, Mischief (aka Eric) a set of cutlery. Mischief was wearing a nice blue suit, and walking upright. The set was handed to Mischief in a big package, in a shopping jeep, and he wheeled it down Collins Street.

But it was the wrong package! Another guy in the shop and I ran after him, down the hill. At the bottom at Swanston Street, we could see Mischief had decided he didn’t want the cutlery, and was handing pieces to passers-by.

We shouted “Get it back, it’s the wrong set!” And he started to try and grab pieces back, but every time he chased someone to get it back, another person would take a piece from the package.


  • Possible influences: Apart from visiting a kitchenware place on the weekend, I have NFI.
  • Past dreams.
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