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Thursday thoughts

I just did a load of washing, including a doona cover. Every single other item ended up inside the doona cover. How is this possible?

Number of people observed at the mobile blood bank last week who were reading The Da Vinci Code: 2.

It’s hot again today. Trying to take cover, keep the house cool. I’m not impressed with the evaporative cooler I bought last summer. It does blow out cold air, but doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. Either the concept is flawed, the hot is just too hot, or the particular one I bought (a cheapie, admittedly) just isn’t that crash-hot.

The Gollum sold for $15.50 (plus postage, but it’s to a local, so I expect to drop it in personally.)

Music has come a long way in the last 25 years, but it’s quite possible that Come Together is still the coolest opening song on any album.

Thursday used to be my favourite day in year 12, circa 1988. It was the day of the Green Guide. It was the day of double period of Computer Science after lunch. It was the day The Bill (favourite programme at the time, well before it soaped up) aired. Only one of these is still the same.