Home life

The battle continues

A few days ago I found a cockroach in the cupboard. I couldn't think of a way of extracting it without touching it, so I got the vaccuum cleaner and sucked it up. Yesterday I had to get the vaccuum cleaner out again. Got it out, and found a cockroach sitting on top of it, triumphant, as if to say "is that the best you can do?" I pushed it onto the floor and whacked it (both in the literal an

Geek, Net

Big heapem diary

A little project originally I started about two years ago -- to move my entire online diary (which goes back to 1994) into Wordpress -- has finally been completed. I'll spare you the boredom of the details of trying to write programs to convert the old handwritten HTML into something I could import, and instead just give you the impressive statistic that the database now holds no less than 1,570 e

Home life

Christmas and Boxing Day in brief

To their surprise and delight, the kids found a Lego train set, left in the fireplace by Father Christmas. Much fun building it. All batteries purchased in readiness for Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS. All gifts well received. So were the gifts for the adults. Had a big Christmas lunch at my mum's place. Less people than at the pre-Christmas lunch last week, but still fun. I scored a yoyo i

Home life

The holiday starts here

A short day at work, and three weeks holiday starts today (pretty much right now, in fact). Things I'm planning to do: Complete the big clearout of the house. Some stuff will get chucked out (rubbish, recycle, freecycle), some will get tidied away. The plan is to get the spare room into the kind of state where you can actually get into it. Part of the above project involves getting some


Popup sales people

Those sales people in the station concourses are annoying. They're all about 15, and stand by their little cardboard booths advertising Amex, shouting out "How are you?" and gesticulating wildly as you rush past. Ditto the charity people, most of whom seem to be British backpackers, standing on street corners with clipboards, wearing today's charity t-shirt over their clothes, shouting out gree


Angels and Demons

Dan Brown: Angels and Demons. (Disclaimer: I was forced to read this.) The good: after a plodding start, the plot did get interesting, and exciting enough that I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened. Nice twist at the end. The bad: Wooden, two-dimensional characters. Romantic scenes written like Mills and Boon. Spelling out every plot development 2-3 times so nobody will miss anyth

Home life

The problem

My name is Daniel, and I have a cockroach problem. The first: a few days after I moved in, on the front doorstep. I squashed it with a boot. The second: a couple of weeks ago, jumping out from the cupboard underneath the sink. It scurried away and escaped. The third: last night in the pantry, in a packet of fettucini. Sigh. Chucked all the pasta out. Time to find the spaghetti jar and sta