Blah, humbug

“Hello, Mr Bowen? … blah blah drive shaft blah blah grease boot split blah blah steering rack problem blah blah exhaust muffler leakage blah blah $560…”

I won’t even tell you what the eventual total cost of that service was, suffice to say that I may not be quite as extravagant with my Christmas gift-buying as originally planned.

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4 Replies to “Blah, humbug”

  1. Compared to the cost of a new car, you are well in front. Fancy losing 30% of what you pay for a new car as soon as you drive it from the showroom. I know it is an emotional thing for people to buy a brand new car, but it really does defy logic.(There, I will stress less tomorrow about driving a 20 year old car)

  2. yeah, funny how the essentials conk out just in time to shaft you before christmas…

    sometimes it’s the thought that counts…you could always make pasta necklaces, right?

  3. I hear ya about the expensive servicing. Just paid over three hundred for a service and to replace a couple of belts. When I drove a Holden I had no worries doing my own work, but these Japanese engines are impossible to figure out. I’m too scared I’ll break something expensive.

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