Coupling, one of the better Gen-X sitcoms (funnier than Friends, more “adult” than Seinfeld) is back on TV on Monday nights. I like this show, though not, as one bright spark suggested, because it’s about trains. ‘Cos it isn’t. I like it so much I whinged to the Green Guide about it when almost two years they dragged it off air in the middle of a two part story.

Wish I’d noticed its return last week, but it was only a repeat of that last fateful episode. I was organised enough to catch some of tonight’s episode on-air, the rest on tape, all accompanied by my ironing and laughter.Thumbs up

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6 Replies to “Coupling”

  1. Andy, happily there’s a lot of dross on UK telly that never makes it to air here… well, not on free-to-air anyway. Some does though.

    Leo, don’t get me wrong. I like Seinfeld a lot. It’s probably on a par with Coupling for me on the guffaw-o-meter.

    Ren, I used to write into the GG every so often… have shifted focus, that’s all!

  2. Hey Daniel, I should’ve said that I can’t stand the Seinfeld show. I love his stand-up, but just hated the show and loathe Friends. :)

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