Quick movie reviews

In The Cut. Unrecognisable Meg Ryan. Bleak, so bleak. From the Monster’s Ball school of bleak. Was there even a single lighthearted moment in it? If so I’ve forgotten it. I mean, Mystic River wasn’t a cheerful film, but managed not to be as depressing as this one. Interesting enough plot I suppose, but did I mention how bleak it was?Thumbs down!

Shrek 2. Unavoidable ads before movie on the DVD were annoying. Seemed to take a while to get going (or maybe a while for me to get into it). By the end though, I was frequently laughing. Not as good as the first one, but enjoyable.Thumbs up!

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3 Replies to “Quick movie reviews”

  1. The best comment I’ve seen on the new ads at the beginning of DVD’s was ‘I had never even thought of downloading a movie until I saw the ad’.
    I agree they are very annoying.

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