Not a snake!

At lunchtime I was at Collins Place waiting for somebody to go to a meeting, when I saw a couple of people walking past me. The man looked familiar.

It was Michael Palin.

He wasn’t doing a silly walk, and he didn’t appear to be filming an expedition up Collins Street.

I didn’t gush over, or say anything. I just gave him a smile. I think he smiled back. Or maybe he was just being generally amiable to the world at large.

My life is complete. I’ve seen a Python in the flesh.

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9 Replies to “Not a snake!”

  1. WOw! I wish I could see one before they all wipe out! Specially Palin is my favourite, even when I’ve not been able to fnd out the way of saying his name (/peilin/ /pailin/ /pailain/???)

    From the bottom of my eart and the heart of my bottom, long live this extraordinary specie: The Pythons!!!

  2. WOw! Yes you’ve been so lucky… He’s my favourite, the most handsome, atractive and nicest of them all… I wish I could see some of them before they definitely wipe out!


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