Winter’s last gasp?

Elizabeth Street last night about 6:30. Pedestrians with their umbrellas at the ready. A gap in the rain, but still threatening. Taxis lined up outside Melbourne Central offering a comfortable but pricey way home. Hopefully winter’s last gasp.

Rainy on Elizabeth Street

(Remember that Del Amitri song… “every third car is a cab”. Thankfully things aren’t quite so bleak in this city.)

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8 Replies to “Winter’s last gasp?”

  1. ‘salright for you, over here in the UK winter is just getting it’s teeth in (sulk) wish I was back in Australia.

  2. 57 tram!!! Meeeeeemmmmmmorieeeeeeees… Ahem. Yes. Wet. I was home by 4.57pm before the rain came. I had more problems with the wind. Sheesh.

  3. Thirty four degrees sounds hellish. Thank god for cool gouts of wind, thunder, the unsteady ripple of leaves in the rain, and other signs that nature is drumming itself sharply awake.

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