Here are my bins

Welcome back to the next installment in my celebration of the mundane.

Here are my bins, all three of them, posed together. (They normally only sit together on the kerb on garbage day, which is Friday morning in my neck-of-the-woods.)

My bins

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4 Replies to “Here are my bins”

  1. I used to have a recycling bin. Until one day I noticed the fellas driving the trash truck were tossing my well-sorted recycling into the same bin as the trash.

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  3. I miss Australia and the good old recycling system. Here in Argentina there are people called Cartoneros (carton people in spanish) that rummage through peoples rubbish searching for carton, paper and paperlike objects which they collect and carry them around in trolleys to later take to a carton center where they hand it over and get paid a few dollars per kilo. There is no glass, aluminium, battery or any other type of recycling here.

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